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The first trailer for the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues is upon us, and it looks…interesting. The trailer itself features a skin stripping procedure, robo-scorpions, a mad scientist that sounds like Hubert J. Farnsworth, and an epic quest to “GET YOUR BRAIN BACK!”

It’s already been confirmed that you aren’t stripped of all your gear at the start of the DLC, so even if you aren’t a fan of the grindhouse-esque trailer, that’s easily a good thing. We’ll let you know how the finished product is pretty close to release, so stay tuned.

  1. avatar Saiful

    I look forward to sneeig the movie 2012? this weekend. The CGI looked great. Maybe the story and acting won’t be up to par for everyone but the 6 bucks I’ll be paying for the matinee…. well… I think it will be well worth the price for the big special effects alone.

    • avatar Konstantin

      I’m going to see “Wanted” tonight. I hope they play the taielrr. My fav part the cute grin Robert Pattinson gives before he wisks Kristen into the forest.

    • avatar Janess

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