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Brain Candy announced Thursday that its upcoming PC/Mac title, Fray, will be available for pre-order in Q4 of this year. As the cherry on top, every pre-order will come with an immediate beta version and a free copy of the game for a friend. Yes, Brain Candy is planning on running a buy-one-get-one-and-a-half-free sale.

If that wasn’t enough, the independent French developer also released pre-alpha screens of the game. It has Gamer Limit feeling generous as well with more for you after the break.

Fray is a squad-based multiplayer game set in the year 2098. In this dystopian future, “the world and all its resources are controlled by three mega-corporations vying for control of the Earth”. Players will align with one of these mega-corporations in attempts to dominate the other players.

Gameplay is simultaneous-turn based. This means that within a timed round, each player enters the moves and actions for their squad members. At the end of  each round, you watch passively as it all plays out in “cinematic fashion”.

The beta version that comes with pre-order will feature the first playable environment, maps, several game modes and, in true beta fashion, a chance to provide input for the developers. What say you? Sound like fun? Comment below if you feel so inclined. Here are the screenshots.

  1. avatar Bolo

    Looks like a pretified Frozen Synapse. Eeeenteresting.

    • avatar Thidarat

      ok, im looking foarrwd to make this work i downloaded the newer version, got my AV turned off for the time, installed ADB drivers (got android composite adb interface under device manager), got the debugging on, all the htc drivers are on and i get the message device not found (also i got adb turned on under processes when i check in task manager) im rly lost and dont know what to do :S help pls ;D

  2. avatar Toota

    I guess this new school house is not slinelg really good Otherwise he could afford a 100$ license to the old version ) or? buy a used one on ebay I dont make a cent with the music Im making and yet still consider to buy some legit stuff just for the sake of somehow supporting the next big better version. I guess superstars arent the case )

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