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Team Meat may be working on its follow-up to the absolutely outstanding Super Meat Boy, but it looks as though one of the developers has something else on the back burner. We may be salivating for our next helping of meat, Edmund McMillen has been slaving over a hot stove. For the past two years he’s had a side project in the works called The Binding of Isaac and here are the first details on the title.

This time around McMillen is working with programmer Florian Himsl (Coil, Triachnid, and the C word) and composer Danny Baranowsky (Canabalt, Super Meat Boy, and Cave Story 3D). While McMillen says he’s going to stay tight-lipped about the deails, but thinks the The Binding of Isaac should be finished within the month and will have more news for us next week. We’ll keep you posted when he breaks his silence.

[McMillen's Blog via Joystiq]

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