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Capcom released new screenshots for its upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma, Tuesday. They feature a new take on the Golem — a giant stone juggernaut bent on destroying your character. The fact that it’s a giant made of stone isn’t new to the Golem mythos, but, the fact that it shoots a massive laser from its face is.

Dragon’s Dogma is a peculiar title, as many of the fantastic tropes that have been revealed thus far have typically belonged to the RPG. Capcom has gone out of its way to assure us that it is indeed not an RPG, but an action adventure.

That means players will rely on abilities — not dice rolls — to battle against the Golem, Griffon, Chimera, Dragon and whatever else the makers of Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4 decide to throw into the amalgam. The fact that Dragon’s Dogma is an open world affair just adds to the genre mixing.

Now, without further ado, straight from the lands of Cassardis, here is your not-so-huggable-or-lovable-laser-faced-stone-giant.

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