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Bastion is an upcoming action RPG by Supergiant Games that hits XBLA this Wednesday, July 20. And it looks gorgeous. Seriously, you must’ve been living under a rock or without internet access if you haven’t heard of Bastion’s hand-painted art style and reactive narrator by now.

So give your ears and eyeballs a treat and watch the brand new launch trailer. Then read our review which will go live tomorrow morning.

  1. avatar Tanto

    Reactive narration … I’m hooked.

  2. avatar Can

    Yeah I noticed the other vrsnioes researching the links. I will check them out. Superficially comparing some of them, I noticed that your version in particular has some quite interesting advantages. For example, I like how the fishes move slowly and how they are close together and in-sight so you can plan ahead. I played a flash version where fish were moving very fast and were off-screen most of the time. Catching is more of a chance there. I agree, It’s really fascinating. I will dig into it some deeper.And I really love the Ending. It caught me totally off-guard.Btw, you have in-game badges but no Xbox Archievements. Is that a limitation of the XBLA Indie Games interface?Oh yeah, I wrote that Daniel released it together with you. But now I was wondering: is that correct? Did you guys work on this together or is it more your own project based on his Challenge?

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