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Despite an utter lack of software coming out for the Wii, Nintendo of America has been extremely reticent about localizing a handful of fantastic-looking Japanese roleplayers. That is, maybe, until now.

Earlier this morning Destructoid reported that Nintendo customer support confirmed that Xenoblade would be making its way to North America under the name of Monado: Beginning of the World. The title has been out in Japan for ages now and has been confirmed for a post-holiday release in Europe, it’s nice to hear that they at least intend on bringing it stateside at some point. Better late than never I guess.

While Nintendo has publishing rights for several Wii RPGs, The Last Story is my favourite of the bunch. Luckily for Europeans, Nintendo France has confirmed a EU release for The Last Story in 2012. Fantastic news! While “Operation Rainfall” is only a few days in the making, it appears as though it’s having results. Hopefully Nintendo of America will listen to the cries of its agitated fanbase and follow suit.

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  1. YES! Finally! And to think, I was going to put The Last Story and Xenoblade on a “Wall of Shame” list of games that Nintendo hadn’t released Stateside. So much for that.

    • While it is great news there’s still plenty of sweet titles to put on your list: Mother 3, Reginleiv, Day of Crisis, Another Code R, Captain Rainbow, Earth Seeker, Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, Pandora’s Tower, etc.

    • Sure, but Xenoblade and Last Story were a few of my star list members. I’ll have to check out most of those others.

    • avatar Muhammad

      They are releasing a new seystm and need new games to sell with it and it could possible be? an anticipated launch title and generate money business stuff >_>

  2. I want the Last Story and I want Earth Seeker.

  3. Great news now if we can just get Last Story too. They are literally the only two games I would consider it to be worth keeping my wii in use for.

  4. avatar Erlan

    DOUG-Elektroplankton is the greatest thing for the DS!Japanese only realese by a composer/artist incredibly creative and compelling.I would love to see a version for the iPhone would be awesome!!!

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