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If you’re familiar with Nintendo-published titles like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code: R, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Captain Rainbow, and Fatal Frame IV, you know this old song. Nintendo of Japan publishes plenty of awesome games that never seem make it to the United States.

At this years E3 many Wii fans were were hoping for localization announcements for Nintendo’s three recent JRPG releases: The Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower. Instead Wii owners got shafted, it became clear that Nintendo of America has decided to sweep the Wii under the rug — like the “dust” the console is well known for collecting.

In response fans have started a campaign called “Operation Rainfall“ to get these games localized. After receiving numerous pre-orders Monado: The Beginning of the World (Xenoblade‘s previous title) is currently sitting pretty at #1 on Amazon’s top 100 Bestsellers in Videogames — ahead of both L.A. Noire and Ocarina of Time 3D I might add.  Additionally, fans have began to swamp Nintendo’s Facebook page [image], Twitter, and email with localization requests and petitions. So, if you’e like me and still somehow manage to have love in your heart for Nintendo, please hit the jump for a pre-written letter template so you can join the cause.

write a polite letter, pointing out the need for the game
optional item – a small book, a cover of a book, or the last page/chapter/epilogue of a book
target date – July 18-20, 2011 (plan your letters to arrive around the 13th, not to ship on the 13th)

bellow is a letter template, but feel free to write your own, just try to be polite if possible

Dear Reggie,

As a fan of your company and of RPGs, I was extremely excited about the reveal of the Last Story. Being a fan of Mistwalker and Hironobu Sakaguchi, it quickly became one of my most anticipated games for the Wii, and when the gorgeous art and impressive screens and trailers were released I only became more excited for the game. I am deeply concerned that this game has no North American release planned, especially considering the sparse lineup on the wii in the next year. I have been a Loyal fan of this company for over 25 years, and yet there hasn’t been a game worth getting on your console for nearly 8 months… and nothing on the horizon to be excited about besides Zelda, and yet the Last Story sits completed. Please consider your company’s fans, please bring the Last Story to us.

(your name here – signed)

[Via GoNintendo, IGN Boards]

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