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Sony is all set to reveal the NGP (Vita?), among other software offerings, tonight at 8PM EST at the Sony Conference, in Los Angeles California. Gamer Limit will be covering it live as the events unfold right before your eyes, so stay tuned!

If you’re blessed with video capabilities, check it out on Hulu’s G4 E3 Stream (which is more reliable than Gamespot’s).


Follow the link here for liveblog coverage at 8PM EST.

  1. avatar Hmm

    So you’re going to watch one of the (publicly available) streams, and live-blog it?

  2. Some people do not have access to video, via their work, so they appreciate the coverage. I was personally asked to do this by some readers, and I’m happy to oblige :D

    There are also widespread issues with internet at the conference, for smaller gaming blogs, so outsiders are probably the best bet for coverage at the current moment.

  3. avatar India

    Furrealz? That’s marvoelulsy good to know.

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