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This week brought the release of the sequel to Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed title InFamous. While fans of the first most likely, without hesitation, have purchased InFamous 2, those who have their concerns should check out this limited look. Should you be one of the few that have yet to check out InFamous, be sure to take advantage of Sony’s Welcome Back program as it is easily one of the better deals in the short list of options you have there. Enjoy this limited look at InFamous 2 and expect the written and video review on Sunday or Monday.

  1. avatar xboli

    is there a review coming?

  2. avatar Vizueto

    Hello, I like you page, I yours videos and reviews…. and I am waiting the review og inFamous 2… when is going to be ready… TKS…

  3. avatar Rodger Beltram

    This is absolutely brilliant! Congratulations on trying to revitalize the written word no texting, no email, no whatever’s next! I don’t own a computer proud of being “computer free”. Maybe old fashioned, but receiving a hand written letter is planning to be so refreshing! Thank you for focusing on a rapidly declining art the hand written letter and/or note.Can’t wait to receive my first letter! Judy Robertson

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