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By: | June 30th, 2011
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I’m excited to tell you all that Limbo will soon be coming to the PlayStation 3. The title was previously an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, being a part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade 2010. The good word comes from the Korean ratings board, informing us that a multiplatform release is in the works.

When Gamer Limit reviewed the game last year, Sean Carey awarded Limbo a perfect 10 saying that it “it made [him] think, it made [him] feel, and it was incredibly fun to play.”  I, like many PlayStation 3 owners, had to sit back and watch everyone  gush about this game a year ago. This PlayStation Network release is really great news. Hopefully, Playdead’s premiere title will see similar success on PSN as it did on XBLA.

  1. Bring on the Limbo! I have a 360, but I tend to use my PS3 more. Plus I didn’t want to have to replenish my Xbox points. I think I still have money in my PSN account.

  2. avatar Manoj

    Remember there are SD cards now that can store 64 GB of data and that is way more than most Blu-ray discs. Also those games do not necessarily take up the enrite Blu-ray disc, only part of it. And the PS Vita will get versions specifically designed to work with the hardware and will most likely be comprised of less data than the PS3 version. General Info:Single layer Blu-ray disc = 25 GB I think PS3 games are on single layer discs – Double layer Blu-ray disc = 50 GB Some formats of Blu-ray support 100/128 GB of data

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