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Marathon was well a received, Bungee-developed science fiction first-person shooter. Interestingly enough, the title didn’t get much attention when it was released back in 1994. No-one knows why exactly, but I’d wager it was due to the fact that it was exclusive to Apple’s Macintosh computer.

Since then, Marathon and its two sequels have been released on other platforms and are even available for free via the web. Indie developer Daniel Blezek recently told that the former Halo developer has given him the greenlight to release a port of Marathon on the iPad. The title should be out on the  soon, complete with redesigned touch controls.

Perhaps now that Apple devices are much more popular gaming platforms than they were back in 1994 Marathon will see some love from the gaming community. Though, you have to wonder just how well the title would do if it were thrown onto XBLA for a couple of bucks and marketed as the spiritual predecessor to the Halo series.

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