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L.A. Noire is back on the streets with the DLC Vice case “The Naked City“. Based off an old film of the same name, Naked City features a suspicious suicide, and a beautiful young model named Julia Randall, who’s career has been cut short due to an untimely end.

Was there foul play involved? Will Roy Earle make a derogatory comment towards one or more of your witnesses? Stay tuned to find out!

Upon booting up the DLC, I was pretty excited to find out this was a Vice case: in fact, I wouldn’t mind an entire game with Roy Earle and the Vice desk. Roy manages to perfectly portray the classic sleazy cop mentality of “cracking a few eggs to make an omelette”.

Where your other partners are either cut and dry upholders of the law, or “troubled, but ultimately honorable”, Roy is a plain old scumbag. It also doesn’t hurt that he ties in pretty significantly with the main storyline.

In addition to Roy, The Naked City will briefly involve some old friends, like Rusty Galloway, which is a nice touch. I always thought a few of the cases in the main game were fairly serialized, and involving multiple story characters at once is a good way to make the Noire universe seem alive.

So, enough about everyone else: Phelps is lead on this case! As soon as you walk on the scene, it becomes apparent that your victim has most likely committed suicide. As a famous detective once said: “open and shut case Johnson!” Or is it?

As you start to gather more evidence on Julia, such as her sleeping pill addiction, or the bite marks on her arm, things start to get more interesting, and a lot more people will be involved by the time you close this case.

What’s interesting in particular is that the acting in this case is a bit above the normal fare you’d find – Julia’s friend, her friend’s fiance, and Mrs. Evestrom are particularly solid. Additionally, the characters throughout the case have a bit more personality – and not just what’s shown through the actor’s faces, but their back stories as well.

You’ll also get more time than usual with Carruthers in the morgue, which I always felt was one of the most unique aspects of the game: how often do you get to mill about in a room full of dead people?

So what are the downsides to this DLC? Although the presentation is great, the case features a few typical sequences like tailing in a vehicle, tailing on foot, and a few foot chases. While it isn’t any less fun than the main game, I think this unique downloadable case could have benefited from some special sequences, like the last part of the Dahlia storyline. DLC is a perfect opportunity to explore new horizons, so hopefully the upcoming downloadable content will be a bit more varied.

Despite the lack of gameplay variety, The Naked City is pretty lengthy, detailed, and well acted, so if you’re itching for more L.A. Noire, pick this one up.

Gamer Limit gives The Naked City DLC a 9.0/10.0

  1. I was excited when I noticed this was a Vice case too. I’d love it if the pending sequel for LA Noire starred Earle. He’s a really interesting character.

    Great writeup, looking forward to this case!

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