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Cole Phelps is at it again – this time, with another DLC case. Taking him back to his earlier years as a traffic detective, with partner Stefan, A Slip of the Tongue will involve as much mystery, intrigue, and degeneration a traffic case can possibly involve (hint: not much).

While it’s nice to revisit Cole’s earlier career, A Slip of the Tongue lacks the “punch” to really justify itself as paid DLC.

Unlike most of the game’s cases, Slip of the Tongue will start off with a bang – and by “bang”, I mean a semi-exciting car chase involving a pothead young adult. Once you catch up to the culprit, you’ll find out that he is in possesion of a stolen car that he thought was a completely legitimate purchase – cue mystery music – he is telling the truth!

So what exactly is the theme of the case? At the surface, Slip of the Tongue seems like a simple traffic stop – but it ends up spiraling towards something more like a Vice assignment. This would be a pretty cool setup, but it never really pans out nearly as well as the actual Vice cases do.

Once you figure out the solution, you kind of just go take care of it, without confrontation, and that’s it. When all is said and done, you don’t really feel like you’ve accomplished a whole lot, which isn’t really something to strive for in paid DLC. Additionally, the case feels significantly shorter than most of the other ones (probably because it would have been hard to pack anything else into this scenario).

Your case will take you all over town, interviewing the title company, the car dealership the stolen goods were purchased from, and a few other seedy places. The used car salesman is great, and easily one of the best actors in the entire game (on the disc, or otherwise). As a matter of fact, all of the actors are great in this case, which at least makes it partially enjoyable, given the fairly boring subject matter. All of the suspects are interesting enough, and there’s even a few semi-famous actors thrown in there for good measure.

However, despite it’s solid acting, at the end of the day, A Slip of the Tongue isn’t really worth paying money for. You’d probably be better off purchasing Naked City, and waiting for the two upcoming cases; or buying the Rockstar Pass and possibly skipping Slip of the Tongue altogether.

Gamer Limit gives A Slip of the Tongue a 6.0/10.

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