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Join myself, Francisco, and Kyle as we run through everything at E3 from the press conferences, to hands-on and eyes-on impressions, to our thoughts of E3, and, of course, our personal game of the show. Sit back, relax, and take in the almost two hours of audio magic. Also, be sure to hit us up with your thoughts on E3 2011 in the comments section.

  1. avatar xboli

    is this on itunes?

    • No. We would like to continue our Limitcast in the near future and that will be on iTunes but we didn’t want to associate this podcast with the Limitcast.

  2. avatar Kanya

    Love the bubale bracelet & the dress……I don’t know why I never find such good stuff on Ebay??? You must tell your friend to share the links with us! :)

  3. avatar Burt Wethje

    Nice and really interesting put up. Your point of watch is more or significantly less the same as main. Many thanks!

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