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After bringing back a ton of nostalgia with the Sly Cooper HD collection, there was nothing more that I wanted from Sucker Punch than to revisit the series. Thankfully enough, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was announced during the Sony press conference. While the trailer didn’t tell us much, it didn’t matter to me. The fact of the matter is, SLY COOPER IS BACK!

  1. avatar A.W.

    mmm, but not by sucker punch. that is troubling.

  2. avatar A.W.


    Agreed. I mean Sony Bend didn’t create Resistance, but their entry in the series is classic. And Ready at Dawn is awesome at adapting other people’s work and staying “in the spirit” of the originals. We can hope for a similar outcome.

    But still kinda wish SP was still in it. I guess they want to focus on infamous only.

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