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Every 25 minutes, like clock work, press huddle into a cramped screening booth replete with dark red velvet and stifling heat, to get a glimpse at Saint’s Row: The Third. To refresh the weary, THQ splashes a new 20 minute video of in-game footage on our faces. The video shows off more open world exploration, heavy duty/heavily insane weapons and ends with a bank heist.

Comparing the Saint’s Row series to GTA, as many do, is comparing two completely different series’ on opposite ends of the propriety spectrum. While GTA tends to inject more or less a realistic story line of gangs and guns, Saint’s Row uses these tropes for pure caricature. The new video shows that developer Volition, Inc. aims to widen this gap even more.

The beginning of the open world demo has the main character throwing a two punch combination at a random woman on the street, a swift kick to the crotch, scrambling to the next bystander for more random violence. While this may sound brutal, picture more aerial stunts like him leaping at a man, grabbing him by the head and slamming down — then landing in a classic breakdance pose. Picture him breaking into a foolish, hip thrusting dance, stoking another random girl to join in on the randomness.

The demo also has the main character unsheathing some heavy firepower. He thought of using a machine gun to take out a rival gang. He thought again and called in a missile airstrike with a laser trace instead. The next weapon is a gigantic purple dildo, why not? Then, my personal favorite, the Apoco-Hands: a pair of giant fists that turn people into an exploded cloud of blood and guts when you lay the smack down.

After a quick sideshow in a stolen car — one that begins with people cheering and ends with people getting run over — the demo turns to a bank heist mission where the more linear parts of the game get to shine. Donning masks, the Saints make their way into a bank controlled by the rival Syndicate gang. After a mild gun fight, they get upstairs where they rig C4 to blow a hole in the building, exposing the bank vault below and the sky above. They call in a helicopter to lift the vault away just when the alarm sounds.

What follows is a wild gunfight with Syndicate wetwork agents swarming in, a lot of bullets flying and a lot of exploding attack choppers. The main character finds himself atop the hanging vault, barely able to hold onto a suspension wire as he shoots and shoots. There seems to be no end to the muzzle flashes and falling bodies. Then, the heist helicopter gets hit. The vault buckles and falls. He jumps for dear life.

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  2. avatar Awsomeness.Wait Then so guys pop up looking like the Masako units while he rolled over to the side? If so I saw that on SpikeTV


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    My Bad.I ment to put it the other way around,I ment to put my comment on the bottom & my username on the top

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    By the way does anyone know who is goingto be on the Saints Row the third Soundtrack,and what the in-game music & stations are?If so can you please leave a reply.Also if there is a Classic Rock Station I think these bands should be on it.
    The Doors
    The Rolling Stones
    Pink Floyd
    Thats all i can think of and have to say.So C-BUTTA 13 out.

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    You can go to hell people who said it should be moved to a later date in game informer.By the way who likes how shaundi looks now. My cousin says she has a nice ass. I know its weird.

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      rubbaduckgurl27love that courtney’s done a good enugoh job to make sure that her daughter doesn’t end up like her. you never see frances running wild with drugs and insanity. while courtney hasn’t always been able to keep herself together, she’s done a good job in helping frances come out normal.

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    Why the hell is my comment awaiting moderation?I mean by accident I replied to myself but why the hell do people not think its real?I mean the games been out & if you go to the saints row wiki site(just type in any character & click on the one that says saints row wiki) there is proof Gat was killed while on the plane.So it is real & yesterday was Jim Morrison’s birthday(he would have been about 68) and on that very day in 1980 Lennon was shot by that psycho after reading Catcher & the Rye.And by classic rock i ment bands from about the 60s & 70s & well any good classic or modern rock.Oh and If you don’t believe Gat is a zombie just play the game & see for your self.Also whenever I try to call my homies in sr:tt I just get a busy signal.What up with that?

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    Merry christmas to whoever is reading this & to all my friends & family(well some family most I hate dealing with).Also I cant wait what volition has for saints row 4.

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