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Controversy! It isn’t an E3 without it. From what I saw during the demo of Modern Warfare 3 during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2011, I truly question whether this demo was played live. While it isn’t really a huge deal, it is real fishy as you can see in the video after the break that the controller disconnects, pauses, and then what looks like a video input switch occurs.

Nonetheless, this demo of Modern Warfare 3 was full of some fantastic looking set pieces as it opens up with forcing a submarine to surface, infiltrating it, launching some missiles, and eventually escaping as battleships blow up around you and the skyline of Chicago in the distance is falling to shambles. What else can you expect from a Call of Duty title though? Be sure to hit the break for a little bit of extra news regarding Modern Warfare 3 and of course the aforementioned video.

After the press conference, we have learned that yet again, Microsoft has locked down an early exclusive to the Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content. It wouldn’t be another year of Call of Duty without this fact though as this has been a common occurrence. Another reason why Xbox is vastly superior to any other console. Sorry, couldn’t resist the flame bait.


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