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While it has been rumored for a couple of weeks now, it is finally confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will support the Kinect. I know, I know, the idea made me cringe at first too. The thought of using the Kinect to do things like throw grenades or use abilities through stupid hand motions was unbearable. Rest assured though, this Kinect support seems pretty limited to certain actions and is tied to voice recognition.

From what was shown in the demo, this voice recognition seems most utilized when making dialogue decisions. Notice I said utilized and not useful. Let’s be honest, why would you say verbatim the dialogue choice displayed on screen when you can just press a button and choose the option with your controller? The more useful part of the voice recognition in Mass Effect 3 seemed to be during combat as you will be able to direct your team to use certain skills. Ultimately, it all feels quite gimmicky. But then again, isn’t that the motto for Kinect?

Are you as underwhelmed by this news as I am? Or are you excited to finally utilize that Kinect for a triple A title? Though I’m sure it isn’t in the fashion that you have hoped.

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