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Today at their E3 2011 press conference Nintendo announced not one, but two Legend of Zelda titles for the 3DS as a part of the series’ 25th anniversary celebration. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, previously seen on the Gameboy, will be available through the eShop later today. Nintendo also announced that a reworked version The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords, previously seen on the Gamecube and GBA, and that it would be available soon for the DSi and 3DS platforms FOR FREE.

While they were at it Nintendo reaffirmed release dates for both Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword, which will be hitting their respective platforms next week and sometime Holiday 2011. Additionally, a golden-coloured Legend of Zelda Wii remote will accompany the release of Skyward Sword.

Finally, the Legend of Zelda Symphony will be touring as a part of the quarter-century celebrations. Nintendo confirmed concerts in each region (NA, EU, JP) as well as two musical CDs. One disc will feature music from Ocarina of Time, whilst the other will be for the 25th anniversary and will release alongside Skyward Swords.

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    HAHAHA it did indeed Dialga! I agree. Twilight Princess is my fave Zelda to date (alongside AlttP) so I relaly could NOT wait to get my hands on a Zelda of that style.HOWEVER I’m still actually pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen here. Upon seeing bits of this a while ago, I rather childishly wrote it off in my own mind due to the decision to return to a more friendly’ outlook graphically. However, after now properly seeing it in motion, it actually looks nice in it’s own right kind of a medium between OOTime and TPrincess. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this and HOPING they make that Zelda demo become a reality for Wii-U in the meantime VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 0 votes)

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