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To help promote Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine‘s impending September 6th release date, THQ is releasing Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, a third-person action shooter, on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. The title is due out this summer and is meant to whet your palette and work up an appetite for the main event. Gamer Limit had an opportunity to sit down with THQ and check out both titles.

Hit the jump for some hands-on impressions of Kill Team.

While THQ has branded this is a third person game, it comes off more as a twin-stick shooter. Usually I don’t have very nice things to say about those games, but Kill Team manages to be a much more interesting and fun diversion than many other, more lazily-made, titles in the genre.

Kill Team is of a promotional title for an upcoming full retail release. Playing Kill Team will allow players to unlock a power sword ( a significantly more powerful weapon than Captain Titus’ standard chainsword) in Space Marine. TH’Q's representatives were quick to point that out, seemingly touting it as the title’s main selling point. While this may seem like something of a micro-transaction with a bonus game in tow,  I assure you its the other way around. From what I’ve seen, Kill Team is a quality game.

The Emperor of Mankind has sent you, an elite Space Marine, on a a vital mission to intercept an alien battleship on its way to a human planet. It is up to you, and a friend if you so choose, to stop the vicious Orks and Tyranids that are aboard before they descend on the planet. While the plot is interesting enough, the narrative isn’t laid on too thick (we’ll leave that for Space Marine), letting you get straight to the killing.

The game allows you to take on the role of a variety of troop types including: Librarians (pictured above), Techmarines, Devestators, and jump pack equipped Veterans, each with their own unique equipment and special abilities. Whether you want to slay up close with a sword or spray heavy munitions fire from a distance, there’s plenty of options and play-styles for you to choose from.

Kill Team features drop-in two player co-operative gameplay. So while I was ripping through their front lines with my Librarian, another player was blasting enemies away with a Devestator. Playing co-op gives players the added benefit of sharing items and upgrades they come across during a level if they are within a certain proximity, so remember to stick together.

Kill Team is a lot of fun and quickly became one of my show floor favourites. On several occasions, I found myself heading back over to THQ in between meetings for another play through of one of the demo’s many levels. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the title will be releasing later this summer for 800 Microsoft moonbucks ($9.99 on PSN).

  1. avatar xboli

    sounds ok for $10

  2. avatar martinnitsim

    hello kevin i got it from a mate so here is there contact
    and details, they have a deal on at the mo ,just say netsimsy said you would sort him out

  3. avatar Arturo

    True, Tarantino doesn’t ordinarily do reemaks of films. But FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! is no ordinary film. It’s the CASABLANCA of cult, drive-in cinema the CITIZEN KANE of the grindhouse set. Doing an update of FPKK wouldn’t constitute lowering himself or cashing in to a guy like Tarantino. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, the sort that any true lover of cult cinema (which he clearly is) would look upon as a great honor. Frankly, as closely as the Russ Meyer estate guards his works, the fact that they would even consider letting Tarantino do a remake means they must hold him in pretty high regard. It’s unfortunate that the handful of folks who’ve responded to this blog entry can’t get excited about what might be the most perfect prospective marriage of filmmaker and property ever conceived (and I say that as someone who holds the original FPKK up as one of the greatest motion pictures ever made). If anyone can do the material justice, making it appeal to modern viewers without losing the spirit or energy of the original, it’s QT. If you can’t see the difference between a little girl-power ass-kicking in the final moments of DEATH PROOF and a true, balls out, full tilt homage to FPKK, you should probably watch both again.And as for this crazy lady , my guess is Tarantino would slap you Vega Brothers-style if he ever heard you refer to the great Tura Satana with such blatant disrespect. If there’s a human being alive other than QT or the head of Russ Meyer Films who would know whether this project was happening or not, it’s Tura Satana.

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