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Street Fighter X Tekken, one of the last frontiers of crossover fighting games, showed in full force at E3. The Capcom booth hosted 6 consoles and a big screen mainstage, complete with fighting sticks and long lines of eager gamers. The Capcom version of this double crossover, the demo featured familiar art style and gameplay from the latest installment of the Street Fighter franchise.

As expected, the biggest adjustment for fans of both titles has to be made when playing Tekken characters. However, it still promises an experience that is on track be one of the greatest crossovers yet.

Now, as you may already know, SFXT is a tag team based game. To get a feel for this feature as well as how a Tekken character acclimates to Capcom’s fighting ring, I chose Hwoarang and Ken. Apparently, these characters compliment each other very well.

As expected, Ken’s entire toolchest of moves is open and available to use; and one technique in particular, the Dragon Punch, plays well into Hwoarang’s aggressive and up close fighting style full of rushes and kicks. For the most part, Hwoarang’s moves carry over, translated into the traditional Street Fighter circular and zig-zag joystick motions. For a Tekken fan, this may take some getting used to; but the range and power of his trademark kicks is still there and you should find his balance in short time.

No matter what character is used, the tag feature offers more than just an opportunity to regain health. Using the launch combination (low, medium, high punch/kick) makes for a great tactic to start a juggle, pressuring the opponent and prolonging the immediate combination. One can also experiment with certain teams to find the right flow and accommodate style.

Unlike the cartoon-like launches in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 crossover, there is a definite weight to the characters in SFXT. It makes sense for the Street Fighter world which is based more in technique and tactics, rather than hyper fast, ADD action. There is one downfall to the tag feature, in my opinion — once a character is taken out, the round is over, even though you have another in reserve. In the end, this is one complaint to an overall positive reaction.

Not included in the demo was a promise for the same online play features found in Super Street Fighter IV as well as some surprises. As to what the surprises are, Capcom has set its PR to slow leak, already revealing Cole McGrath from the InFamous franchise as an exclusive playable character for PS3, with other characters sure to be revealed soon. You want more on the current character lineup? See the following E3 trailer.

  1. avatar xboli

    looks pretty cool…not sure if anyone likes tekken anymore tho

  2. avatar Bolo

    @xboli’s right! Tekken is recycled so much I can’t see the difference between each release anymore. I hope bringing it into the SSF realm makes it feel new again.

    • avatar Tiarth

      Bob is Namco’s creation, buddy. And trust me, he’s way coeolr than Rufus can ever be (although it was Capcom’s intention to make him a wierd character.) I’m looking forward to see Bob vs. Rufus (but I’m not sure he’ll be included though.)VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130]Please log in to rate this commentVN:R_U [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

  3. avatar Bolo

    Bravo to GL for E3 coverage, btw.

  4. avatar Mercedes

    I really loved the agonaly between poker and SFIV that jchensor did, but I felt really bad for him when I started reading the comments to the blog post as the commenters seemed to rip the poor guy over it and SFIV :^| Thanks, chicobo. ^_^ You made my day with that reply. Even though you have to expect people ripping you apart when you make your viewpoint public, it’s still relieving to hear others giving sympathy. Haha. ^_^And Maj, you response is so spot on. I think you’ve worded it better than I could have. Can I link to your reply or can you repost it on SRK? Hahaha.- James

  5. avatar Luana

    Eh, it’s not that surprising. This is how the irtnenet works, especially when a bunch of otherwise intelligent people have no idea what to make of the situation they find themselves in. Instead of coming up with something constructive to do, these people go around looking for someone to bicker with until the seasons change.

  6. avatar Harris Carmel

    I totally agree with what you are saying eventhough this post is not suit to new WP :)

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