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Gamer Limit went hands on with Star Fox 64 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. There were three levels to choose from for this demo, essentially easy, medium and hard. We chose the middle, Meteo level. First impressions equate to the original Nintendo 64 title, just a little more sharp and a little more enjoyable.

The gameplay ports very well to the handheld device. The default button layout makes for almost the same experience fans had with the original game, with the circle pad just as responsive as the joystick. The depth of field with 3D offers an immersion that seems perfect for the game. Especially for the Meteo level, with humongous space rocks and bots  flying in and out of the screen, it all at once reminds fans why the game was so exciting on the 64, and how 3D can contribute to a new experience if done right.

For the most part it’s right. For the most part.

3D is definitely the doubled edged sword in this remake. On the one side, it does back up what was said during the Nintendo press conference — the original really felt like you were flying in 3D; and now you really are. At the same time, the precise distance and position your eyes have to be in to see that 3D is really constraining.

The 3D aspect is also counter-intuitive to the gyroscopic controls. The booth attendant advised one should tuck the arms in and move the body instead of moving the actual handheld to see the gyroscope in action. This is because it is very easy to be taken out of the 3D experience when the 3DS is tilted at more extreme angles.

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    I didn’t know anyone from GL was attending E3 this year.

  2. We’re here @Hmm. Anything you want to see covered on GL?

  3. This and a couple other titles have me interested in picking up a 3DS

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