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While RaiderZ was on the E3 floor for all to play, Gamer Limit shuttled off into a dark and quiet room for an exclusive sit down demo of MAIET Entertainment’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG. At first glance, it is a typical open world, fantasy game. Players are immediately met with the typical tropes — warriors and mages, goblins and dragons, skills and quests.

However, as I began to partake of some goblin genocide, the game’s strengths started to stand out. Then they started to sing.

The most immediate quality that one notices is the visual. Characters, character armor and enemies are all highly detailed and rich, much more than many other MMORPGs currently out there. Look under the hood and one finds the Unreal 3 Engine responsible.

The engine allows for highly detailed and rich gameplay no matter what is going on — whether there are a whole bunch of monsters and battles, or a single player running across the plains.

Another stand-out feature is what they call the ‘Grappling System’. Monsters and bosses are able to grab players and pitch them into the distance. They’re able to eat players alive. Inversely, players can interact with enemies in similar ways. Half way into the final dragon battle, I was able to cut off the dragon’s horn. Someone from my party picked it up and began using it as a battering ram. Credit this also to Unreal.

RaiderZ also boasts a highly engaging customization system. Veteran MMORPG players may do well to note that there are no classes to choose from. Instead, as one progresses through the game, skill points are gained. These points can then be used to attribute more than 350 skills at the player’s discretion. So, if you want to be a mage that uses two-handed swords, you can.

The last point we got in this demo was the crafting system. While there wasn’t any actual crafting to be had, we were told that the majority of items in the game will be achieved through crafting. Breaking it down, if you want weapon A, you need to kill monster B for necessary item C. This makes for a more controlled and linear aspect in a game that is otherwise open to your MMORPG monster hunting desires.

So, with the promise of an in-depth customization and crafting system, the Unreal 3 Engine and dynamic battle physics, PC gamers may find a worthy contender to World of Warcraft and Rift in free-to-play RaiderZ. There, I said it.

  1. A friend tried to get me to play WoW and it was just boring, bear in mind I prefer more real time game play than just click and watch em attack till the enemy dies. Cut off enemy parts AND use them in battle? That’s what I’ve been looking for. AND free-to-play? Aw YYEEAAHH

  2. avatar Sude

    You tell me if I know PWI: I have 60+ chars I play on 9 servers. I have palyed just about daily since closed beta. Thats approx 3,5 years i have been playing (not actual gametime). I have also palyed several years on other MMOs: WoW, Guild Wars, Shaiya, Scarlet Legacy and RuneScape. Been guild leader for years. And read about MMOs about same (or more than a game journalist). PWI is best atm, thats why after 2 year free play, I spent total 7k USD on PWI? and prob will spend more.

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