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There it is ladies and gentlemen. The NGP is officially named the PS Vita. Vita, meaning “life” in Latin is easily the worst product name I have ever heard.

While this has been rumored for a while now, all of us here at Gamer Limit have hoped that it wasn’t true. But, despite the poor name, the features and games shown during the Sony press conference were quite promising. And at $249 for the Wi-fi version and $299 for 3G, it falls right in line with one of its competitors, Nintendo’s 3DS. Sad to think that is an acceptable price for a handheld these days. Oh economy, how I hate thee. Hit the break for a full breakdown of the PS Vita.

  • Online feature called Near which provides support for friends lists, chat, and the long awaited cross-game chat (wrong platform Sony!!!!!!)
  • ATT partnership for 3G
  • Cloud saves
  • Cross-platform support (think “Transfarring” but with cloud saves)
  • Cross-platform online gameplay (PS3/Vita)

As for hardware specs:

Honestly, I’m sold. The idea of being able to pick up where I left off in a game on the PlayStation 3 on my PS Vita without any worry about the saves themselves is awesome. It is something I’ve been looking for in a handheld for years. The marriage between Sony’s home console and its mobile platform is shaping up to be revolutionary.

  1. avatar Owen

    Kevin, why do you so dislike the name?

    • It sounds like one of those crappy cell phone products that had a like a year of life in it. It just sounds real stupid. It might grow on me like the Wii name did but at the moment, it just sounds dumb.

    • That’s funny, because the first thing I thought when I read “worst console name ever” WAS the Wii. It’s like a self-aware penis joke.

    • Look at it this way Kevin, you can’t make a flood of Vita jokes the same way you can Wii jokes.

    • avatar Ferahtsu

      Vita does sound like a name that would fail and be forgotten, like those helio or ngage

  2. avatar GweenLiine

    I wonder if the zeiss 50mm f1.8 will be worth my hard enerad student money.I was thinking of putting the NEX 7 hand in hand with the zeiss 50mm f1.4 and focusing manually with a significantly smaller price tag.Maybe i’ll dish out for this if the quality is good enough, apart from bokeh im looking for razor sharp pictures wide open which shouldnt be too hard for a 1.5 factor zeiss!eventually i will get even more lenses like a macro and a tele which will prob be connected via adapter.

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