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The demo opens up with Drake in truly Sam Fisher fashion as he stealths his way through a cruise ship. Everything from the environment, to the weather effects, to the sea looks absolutely fantastic. Naughty Dog continues to push the PlayStation 3 in each installment of this Uncharted trilogy.

As Drake makes his way through the cruiser we are shown some impressive stealth kills. Despite the lack of action in the beginning it is hard not to feel immediately drawn into what is going on. But, of course, the action picks up quickly as Drake draws his gun, makes use of a grenade, and blows a hole in the cruiser. The moment the water comes rushing in is the very moment I found my jaw dropping. But my words just can’t do this demo justice. Watch it for yourself after the break and enjoy a bit of special news for an opportunity to get your hands on the full Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience before the title’s release on November 1st.

Following the demo, it was announced that Naughty Dog is partnering with Subway in a promotion to get access to the entire multiplayer experience. While a limited multiplayer beta will be available to the public on June 28th, others can enjoy a five dollar footlong and access to multiplayer for one of the hottest titles of the year. Sounds like a great deal to me.

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