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A few days ago I posted a news story about how Sony royally screwed up and allowed a bunch of hackers access to PSN users’ personal information. Today, Sony finally made some announcements regarding how they plan on making this up to their customers.

First things first, sometime this week Sony plans on restarting some on its online services. Gamers will so be able to log onto their PSN accounts allowing them to changed their passwords, chat with friends, play games online and even use PlayStation Home. Sony has also stated that they have added several layers of data protection and encryption including more firewalls and software monitoring which detects intrusions.

Aside from the basic security updates, Sony is also offering its users some apology gifts. The gifts include:

  • “Selected PlayStation entertainment” content for free download; differs by region, details to be shared soon
  • 30 days of free PlayStation Plus service to PlayStation Network users, and 30 days added free to existing PS+ members
  • 30 days free Music Unlimited service for Qriocity subscribers

What do you guys think about this? Is this enough to make you want to trust Sony with your information again? Do you forgive them for messing up this bad? Let us know what you think with a comment below.


  1. avatar Bolo

    I got a 360, too, and varied my purchases between the systems, so I’m a little more forgiving, but I understand if PS3 loyal folks would like a little more. Especially because CC info was compromised. Some things are unforgivable, IMO.

    Tell you one thing, though, I’m going to download so much free content, it ain’t even funny.

  2. avatar Free

    Still not as bad as RROD. Damn nearly, but not quite. Sony do need a good kick up the pants though.

    • I don’t know man. It’s one thing to have your console break (which can be repaired), it’s another thing to have someone steal your identity and possibly your credit card info. I mean it sucks to be out $250 (or whatever an Xbox 360 cost back then) but it sucks a lot more to have your bank account drained.

    • avatar Garenkz

      May04Stop Sticking up for Playstation It’s obviously clear they don’t care about you so stop stniickg up for them you being string along like a fool. Here is the facts. They claim to have a clear path for it to be up by 2 days ago, deadline past, instead of going on to give a reason or an update, they left us in the dark again to search and speculate for answer. Again u people who are stniickg up for them are fools. It’s makes me sad to see how loyal u r to such a arrogant company like Sony playstation. Playstation Notwork Playstation, it only does nothing what Xbox can do online

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Has there been any reports of identity theft occurring as a direct result of the psn breach?

    Is Sony really to blame?

    If you’re not careful in you word selections, Alex, someone could quote you out of context in an effort to misconstrue your statements. “Sony allowed a bunch of hackers access to PSN” for example.

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