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While E3 still remains an industry and press only event in the physical world, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is partnering with IDG Entertainment/GamePro Media to give gamers virtual access to 2011′s largest gaming expo. Announced Tuesday, the E3 Insider site will give players the ability to see exclusive E3 interviews, previews as well as tour the plethora of exhibitor booths.

ESA senior vice president for communications and industry affairs, Rich Taylor, said, “E3 is the leading computer and video game event in the world. Millions of enthusiasts who want to attend will now be able to have the same incredible experience as the attendees on the exhibit floor.”

What’s more, the public doesn’t need to wait until June 7, the official start date of the expo. Today*, E3 Insider will begin delivering pre-show content including industry announcements, screenshots of upcoming IP and trailers. While the day before the expo begins, the site will start hosting real-time news feed and press conference coverage. It also promises a virtual replication of each exhibitor booth where you can drill down and see exclusive content.

There was no mention whether the ESA plans on running the site for future E3′s. However, they are most likely going to gauge its viability through site traffic as well as the adoption of the voting feature that allows you to rate your “interest” in announcements and upcoming IP. Visit the website here.

*At the time of this writing, E3 Insider had yet to deliver content.

  1. avatar Krushgroove84

    Nice to hear. but there is still nothing up lol

  2. Update: Just checked the site. It’s live. Thanks!

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