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What are your thoughts on the latest New Vegas DLC? Do you think it is worth your money? Let us know in the comments!

  1. avatar Mike

    I didn’t even get that far, I shot the ambushers and then everyone turned against me. The only quest it gave me was to go to the clay pot and go home again. A waste of time (only about 15-20 mins) and money.

    • avatar Darnelle

      I’m a very bad boy and in the future I shouldn’t post links to dishonest websites.

  2. I disagree, but I think you did a really great job explaining your discrepancies, and the video itself showed a lot of solid gameplay – nice work!

  3. I think I am going to go get a haircut.

  4. avatar Samuel

    Bought this for £7.50 off steam today, completed in 2 hours, If i was a designer for this DLC i would litrally consider looking into a new career, a 4 year child old could of produced the same quality product. no gripping storyline, no effort into player gaming experience, Overall i feel ive been ripped off and time wasted. So if anyone is thinking about getting this DLC, very honestly, DON’T!

  5. avatar Tena

    Allen you’ve misunderstood. Some games have a two year *development* prceoss. Not approval prceoss. As in, they take two years to *make* after they’ve been approved. :-) Update: Oh, it just occurred to me that you might think most indie games are generally proposed to XBLA in a finished state. They aren’t not even close. They’re generally text proposals with mock screenshots and/or video, and an early prototype if we’re lucky.

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