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Tonight, the night before rapture, myself and my friend Curtis will be diving into Portal 2 co-op now that PSN is back. Won’t be paying attention to chat but feel free to hit the jump and tell us how fail we are.

Update: I love Portal 2 so much. Co-op was an absolute blast. Still plenty to go but myself and Curtis worked real well together and didn’t have too many issues. Way too many funny moments as well. Enjoy the night’s Gamer Limit Live above. At the least, watch for one minute at about 1 hour 29 minutes in. Good times.

  1. Portal 2 is great, but it’s really short-lived. Once you figure out the 5ish hour Single Player, and the 5ish hour Coop, you’re done. At least we get challenge rooms as free DLC soon – until then, my copy is dusty.

  2. avatar Tessie

    Geez, that’s unbieelvalbe. Kudos and such.

    • avatar Pior

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  3. avatar Amauri

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  4. avatar Tatsuya

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