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Another night of L.A. Noire. Really hoping the game can draw me in, otherwise I might move onto another game. We shall see. Enjoy the movie like experience and follow the break for the chat.

Update: Nope. Can’t play this game. Honestly, it is outrageously repetitive, boring, controls terribly, and falls apart logically at times. Add this to the long list of Rockstar games I tried and didn’t enjoy. Not sure whether I’ll revisit it or not. If I do, it won’t be during a live stream because I have a feeling this game will be filled with annoyances that just make me want to stop playing. And that isn’t something I like to do during a stream. Anyhow, feel free to observe my frustrations above and after the break as well.

  1. avatar MadPlanet

    Hmmm…. I fear I might be in the same boat as you. I keep wanting to like Rockstar games like the rest of the modern gaming community, but I am consistently disappointed. I was intrigued by Noir but it sure looks like more of the same, which shouldn’t surprise me I suppose since it is a lucrative formula for them. But to me – like you said – repetitive and boring. Accented with meaningless side missions to provide the illusion of an open-world environment. Maybe I’ll just borrow it from a friend – same as I did with Red Dead Redemption.

    • avatar Ivan

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  2. This game is excellent. I play it a completely different way than the typical GTA formula – I make my partner drive, and basically just inspect evidence, and read facial micro-expressions during interrogations, and it’s still incredible.

    • So, since you make your partner drive that means no side missions. And thus, the gameplay becomes inspect evidence, interrogate suspects, figure out who killer is after two or three interrogations, go to arrest killer, chase sequence that is clunky and canned, rinse and repeat. Ugghhh how do people find that shit fun? Way too repetitive and boring for me.

      This game is nothing more than the novelty of what the game does with its outstanding facial expressions. And that’s it.

  3. I am really liking the game so far but I shoudl throw out that I ma a huge fan of open worl games to begin with and as such a rockstar fan. That said I love the investigations, the interrogations, etc etc I love crime dramas so I guess it is all up my alley. I still prefer red dead but this game has not disappointed me.

  4. avatar Imogene

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