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I can’t help it. I’m addicted all over again. Over the weekend I grinded out a crazy amount of soul levels, geared myself up quite a bit, and defeated some more demons. Tonight I plan to complete the game and move into NG+. Hit the jump to join in on the chat and enjoy another night of Demon’s Souls!

Update: Demon’s Souls complete! Great night of gaming as quite a few Demon’s Souls fans joined in and chatted it up. Enjoy the first two hours above and the last two hours after the break. Tomorrow, L.A. Noire!

  1. Was a nice stream Kevin even if you had to use that cleaver heh. Not sure I will be around for LA Noire though, I am hoping to be too busy playing it myself.

    • Heh. The way I saw it, I’ve played the game for 60 hours on one playthrough so I felt it necessary to completely own the end of the game :)

      Enjoy LA Noire!

  2. avatar Dewayne

    are you missing stmoehing? in my eyes total not. it’s exactly the same i’m thinking. and i believe every sane developer should clear come to that point. BUT money (thus time) is the one big limiting factor, and episodic content is probably one of the few possibilities to actually make a game less expensive (at first for the first few episodes both the sales price and the development cost, even if it only goes down from 100% big game dev cost to still 80% this is a big cut of 20%!). and i believe this is the big motor behind every company that hypes episodic content.another thing: microsales and episodic content seems to work perfect for the asian rpg-alike games. but i do beliebe this is simply because there are enough (teen?) players that have all three necessary factors time and stubborn interesst into only one game _and_ money (prepaid cards everywhere).TO tom h.i’m well aware of the 3:1 (and up for todays blockbusters) ratio of content to programming/development people. and you are pretty close to call that number as an example why cutting down cost (by less content for the first episode(s)) should be possible. but i say it isn’ isn’t because exactly as krystian pointed out in his initial post, if you develop the game with 1/3 of the cost (going down from 5:1 teams to 1:1 teams) and sell it with 1/3 of the price, there will be a huge amount of people that TRULY like the game but still will not be able (time!) to buy the rest. for example final fantasy: there is a huge adult fanbase where my guts are telling me that about 50% of the people are not playing through the 80h+ games square enix is developing for the teens that are very hatefull against every console rpg that delivers LESS than 30+ hours and still very sad for the games with less than 60+ hours.of couse many people are buying every gta add-on, but still there is a huge drop in the add-on sales numbers, wich i do not expact to be only based on customers that bought but did not like the game.time for adults is a mayor problem. for example: every indie trying to go half-day work for money and half-day work for his art knows what i’m talking about. and indie developers aren’t the only people interested into games AND doing the things that they dream about for a living while in the need to do things they don’t totaly like until their goals are reached!

    • avatar Carlithos

      Tomoyuki / Huh Huh? I click Read Online but I get an error 404 page not found instead. Same for Hidan no Aria and the oterhs. What happened?

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