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Rotastic swings  its way into Xbox LIVE Arcade, Playstation Network and PC Tuesday. The latest from developer Dancing Dots and Focus Home Interactive, the game promises high flying puzzle action on a foundation of simple controls and acrobatics. You play as powerful viking Fraghar, come to loot a medieval kingdom of its riches. Naturally, the game focuses on collecting gems, but there’s a twist — it’s all done while swinging through the air as for some reason or another, Fraghar cannot walk. That means falling off the screen means certain death.

Sound like fun?

The recent 2011 IGF entrant boasts approximately 70 levels and several modes of play including Puzzle, Survivor, Brickbreaker and Versus. It also encourages a little strategy as the more gems you collect in a row, the higher your score. To ratchet up the challenge, the game will also throw environmental obstacles and enemies your way. According to Rotastic‘s website,

Your foes run the gamut from silly (errant chickens, baby bats encased in wooden crates…), to menacing (grown-up and not-encased bats, burning beams, knight-shooting cannons…), and to plain deadly (buzzing buzz saws, enormous flying piranhas, bloody battering rams, giant human-controlled cast metal robotic ghosts).

If you plan on picking up this game, or if you have already, let Gamer Limit know your impressions in the comments below. In the meantime, here are a few screenshots.

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    Interesting. Very colorful!

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