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Open beta begins Thursday for World of Battles: Morningstar. To kick it off, developer Frogwares has released the above video. Much can be gleaned from a trailer such as this — World of Battles: Morningstar is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. It offers many customizations that allow the player to really tailor the experience to his or her style. There are a variety of fantastic and less fantastic creatures that you get to control in heated battle  (8 to be exact).

Arguably, the surprising thing about this trailer is that the game looks good, F2P or no. I’ll leave it up to you decide whether it has the power to steer you away from Starcraft II or League of Legends for a prolonged period of of time; but at the price point of zero, where’s the risk of trying out new IP?

World of  Battles: Morningstar is also a surprising game to come from Frogwares. The studio’s resume up until this point has focused on licensed Adventures the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne. Expect Gamer Limit’s impressions on this game to come soon. Until then, hop onto the game’s site and register if you feel so inclined (did I mention it was free). Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  1. avatar Chase Cook

    Are you sure Gamer Limit’s impression’s are coming soon? It looks like you already decided the game was good based on the trailer.

    Great work.

    • Enh. You know me Chase – I’m not afraid to condescend or trash a developer if something looks bad. However, you can’t really fault a guy for legitimate interest in a game. If he likes it, he likes it – the fact that it’s free to play also helps alleviate the situation a bit.

    • avatar Chase Cook

      I think that’s one of the issues. Video game journalists need to start separating the news writers and the opinion writers. If you are writing news, you don’t get to write opinions because your job is to cover the industry, and leave the bias at home. Opinion writers will be free to give their opinions and it would not be viewed as a “news source”. Then, readers can start getting dates and information without having to read through half-ass wit to get the information they need. Mixing opinion with news can be dangerous.

      However, with the way the enthusiast press works, it will be difficult to realize that dream. So, I will sit here and play couch-editor because it pleases me.

  2. avatar Bolo

    Impressions on the game from trailer vs. impressions on the game from playing? Looks good vs. is good?

    I’ll let you know how it really is, Chase. Bout to get on it right now.

  3. avatar Tanto

    Yes, impressions of a video is much different than impressions from playing a game. Any discriminating person would understand that. Derp. Great work.

  4. avatar Chase Cook

    As an industry, video games journalists need to stop sucking off and gathering “impressions” from trailers. They are best case scenarios that typically show nothing. Video games journalist’s need to stop doing the “looks good” because that makes the journalist nothing but a PR whore.

    Gamer Limit should aspire to be better than that.

  5. avatar Tanto

    You think that’s why he said “Expect Gamer Limit’s impressions on this game to come soon”? Great work.

    • avatar Tanto

      Man, I’m loving the iPad browser experience. #suckingoffApple #Applejuice

    • avatar Tanto


    • avatar Bolo

      You broke the layout!

      @Chase I agree with you. They need to stop sucking off for sucking off sake. But, if a writer gives news of a beta, says the trailer looks good, then says he’ll let you know how the game really is, I think he’s not sucking off, but saying “beta, it looks good, we’ll see”. Sounds more like a discriminating gamer to me than a PR whore. We’re all PR whores in the end, though. Your clothes are walking billboards. Your choice of game system shows what company you support. Our discussion here is meaningless and I want to play too


  6. avatar What.

    Less concerned about him developer fellatio, more concerned with the quality of the first graph. Read it aloud.

  7. avatar Chase Cook

    This could have just as easily been an article with an embedded video that said, “This beta is happening at time, date and place. Here is a brief description (lacking adjectives) of the game and the history of the developer. Watch the trailer to decide what you think. Our impressions of the game will be posted soon (ideally, a date would help the reader come back).

    I am a bit trollish, but I want Gamer Limit to aspire to better, less-cookie-cutter gaming coverage.

    • avatar Bolo

      LOL. You describe a *more boring* template, cookie cutter trailer news post. I’ve read that template EVERYWHERE. Great work.

    • avatar Chase Cook

      Bolo, the template is probably boring, but it doesn’t show an obvious bias based on a two-minute trailer.

    • avatar Bolo

      The point is that you want something less cookie cutter. By definition, template is cookie cutter. My point is there’s a difference between impessions of a trailer impressions and game impressions. I can point to a great number of ‘news’ posts of the 1st Dead Island trailer that also included praise for how beautiful or how different the game looked because of it. One could always discern where the news ended and the ‘bias’ began. Beta and trailer = news. Where F primes te next paragraph with “Arguably” it’s obvious indication that there’s an argument to be had about the upcoming statement. You played into that argument very well. Great work.

    • avatar Chase Cook

      You are right Bolo. My argument about cookie-cutter templates is null because I am advocating another template.

      What I’m aiming for is no bias or opinion in any news article. Save it for the columns and opinion section.

      Trailers are best case scenarios for games, so it’s almost impossible to generate legitimate impressions from a produced, passive demo.

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