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Red 5 Studios released a new trailer Friday for the highly anticipated PC shooter Firefall. This trailer gives us insight on the PvP action and classes we can expect from this first person/third person hybrid.

Riding on the comet tail of this trailer is the announcement that Red 5 will be hosting a live streaming event next week to show off more PvP action. Gamer Limit has all the details.

The live streaming event will focus on fine tuning the competitive e-Sports gameplay. To get things just right, the studios have invited “key” e-Sports broadcasters for a round table discussion. Broadcasters will also call an internal dev deathmatch that will show off Firefall‘s Spectator Mode for the first time.

So if you liked the trailer, mark your calendar, prepare yourself for some high action PvP and tune in to Red 5 Studios’ Justin TV channel May 6th, 6pm PDT.

  1. avatar Killroy

    I’m in! I’ve been following this game since PAX Prime ’10. I’m so in!

    • avatar Manahil

      I share your worry CHARLZM. I’ve seen the bootleg vesoirn of the trailer (still waiting for a proper vesoirn) but I was concerned about the New York Prologue. What I liked about John Carpenter’s film is that it pretty much begins in Antarctica depicting an incredible sense of isolation as apposed to showing a thriving metropolis. This isolation helped to feed the dread that builds as the film progresses and it was amazing how apocalyptic the film felt within the confines of this isolation. The New York prologue of the prequel seems too Hollywood’ to me and just seems like a simplistic way of differentiating itself from Carpenter’s film. However one idea that is quite intriguing in the prequel is the choice to cast a female (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as the lead. Carpenter’s film had an all male cast but since she appears to be the only female character in the film this could be good way of differentiating it and bringing something new the the table. If executed right she could become a strong female icon like Ellen Ripley in the Alien’ franchise. This is one reason why I am interested in how this film pans out but being a fan of Carpenter’s 1982 classic I am also very skeptical.

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