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While the rest of the world may prefer Microsoft’s device that allows you to have a pet tiger in your living room over the PlayStation Move, Japan isn’t so easily fooled. You see, everyone in Japan has already owned a Kinect since 2003 — back when it was called an Eyetoy.

Since Sony’s original and completely unique motion-controller launched in Japan, they’ve managed to move an impressive 170,000 units. Meanwhile, Microsoft has only sold a paltry 90,000 waggle cameras. Utterly pathetic. Oh Microsoft, when will you ever learn that blatantly copying your competition won’t earn you the same profits?

[Via Gamasutra]

  1. avatar Bolo

    Scary ass picture, dude.

  2. “Sony’s original and completely unique motion-controller”

    I’m not a fan of either in all honesty, but the PS Move is by far the least innovative of the two in my opinion…

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    You got a bit of brown on your nose there, Kyle.

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