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Like books? Like games? Then you might enjoy this. Today THQ and Random House announced that they’re teaming up to “create and develop original intellectual properties (“IP”) for publication across multiple mediums.”

According to the press release, “the team expects the new IP to first appear as a collection of games and books, while they further develop a rich IP universe that will allow for ongoing shelf life through other media.” So what does that actually mean? THQ is going to make some sort of game and Random House will have an author create a novel tie-in and maybe an ebook version too if they’re feeling whimsical.

It looks like we can expect more things like Homefront: The Voice of Freedom prequel novel. According to some reviews this could be a great thing or a sign of Ragnarök. Personally, I haven’t really gotten into tie-in novels, but for gamers looking to read more about their favorite games, I guess I can’t really fault them for that. Let’s hope that THQ and Random House try to create quality products, rather than rushing to get things to market to coincide with video game launches.

  1. Some tie in novels are actually pretty decent. For example the Mass Effect novels are fairly good for nice reasonably short adventure/sci fi stories. I have a family member who loves them but hates video games for example.

  2. avatar Bolo

    I tried to get into the novelization of Doom and just couldn’t. What I want to see is a game based on a book (ok, other than Alice). I’m thinking The Shining or What Dreams May Come.

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