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The word Equestrian has its roots in the Latin term equinus – meaning of or related to horses. This week’s Games of the Week is specifically dedicated to Equestrian sports. That means everything from the rodeo to dressage, fox hunting, polo, and show-jumping.

Now on to the Games of the Week.

Hunter: We should dedicate this weekend’s edition to equestrian sports.

MacGregor: Done. Actually, fun fact, I actually grew up on a farm where we bred horses.

Carter: Trying out World of Goo and You Don’t Know Jack on my iPhone, while playing through Rift on PC, plus more Call of Duty: Black Ops in anticipation of Map Pack #2, and Mega Man 3, which was just released on the PSN for PS3/PSP.

Salanga: Right now, I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins and will then move on to part 2 (after, of course, I sleep my character with as many of the females in this game, perhaps fulfilling some angsty teenage fantasy that knows no racial boundaries).

Yue: StarCraft II is still eating up my time until Portal 2‘s release.

MacGregor: I’m so stoked for Portal 2.

Salanga: I also picked up that free 1st episode of Back to the Future The Game. Digging the art style. I’m also getting to The Next Big Thing, expect the review to be up on the 21st.

Bratt: Have plenty of work to do at the moment unfortunately, but I’m still making time for some Minecraft – such an addictive game. I’m also playing around with livestreaming, so maybe you’ll get to see me fail miserably at building things in real-time!

Hunter: Pokemon Heart Gold. It’s kind of boring.

MacGregor: Yeah, they haven’t really done a whole lot to evolve the series over the last fifteen years.

Hunter: It’s a good remake, but it feels too familiar for me to get really excited about it.

MacGregor: I’ve been spending my time with Section 8 Prejudice for review…I’m embargoed so that’s about all you’re allowed to know.

Bigg: Shift 2 and MotorStorm Apocalypse online multiplayer are satisfying my petrol- head needs at the moment and I’m still ploughing through Crysis 2 in the meantime.

  1. The original Section 8 was pretty awful. I couldn’t stand it. Good luck to you, Kyle. I hope they fixed it up a bunch.

  2. Curious what the impressions are on Rift. I played it for almost a month but stopped, too much like everquest meets warhammer online for my taste. The graphics while impressive were also sort of boring, had no soul to it, and there was no real endgame…

  3. Fun fact: Back home, my family also breed horses. I’m by far the least involved though and rather enjoying living in the middle of a city for a change :]

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    Completely forgot I have to pick up portal 2 tomorrow

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