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How does Crysis 2 compare to Crytek’s past games? Is the multiplayer worth trying? Check out this review to find out!

  1. It sure looks pretty. Still can’t shake the bland genericness of it all though. I’ll try a demo if there’s one on PSN.

  2. Good review man, I especially like your little crack at the beginning. Out of curiosity what app are you using for the actual video editing?

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Crytek disappointed everyone that has played crysis wars by imitating the CoD multiplayer formula. Not that they didn’t perfect it

    • avatar Raadi

      In view of the fact that I’m an exclusive oilnne gamer, I don’t play single-player campaigns. There are several other reviews of if you’d like to read about that. As for multiplayer oilnne making a bet, seriously delivers. The maps are stunning, large and incredibly dynamic. While I’ve played many games in the last few years, this is the one where my wife reacted with wow’ to the high definition graphics and fluid reputation interactions. Within a few hours of play, I had climbed air conditioning vents, power-kicked cars and shot a glass ceiling beneath me to surprise an unwitting opponent below. Truly fantastic stuff and the feel is incredible. Guns show a diversity of advantages (range, ammo size, sights) and are well-balanced. The largest thing to adapt to in this game is the nanosuit, which you will learn to like. The nanosuit uses energy, which is separate from health, and allows you to do perform key skills. In the midst of the battle, it can provide extra armor against hurt. When moving across open field, it can cloak and render you undetectable to enemy vision or heat maps. And then when you need a speed boost or huge jump, your nanosuit is there for you. I’m a huge call of duty fan (modern combat, MW2, Black Ops) and until Crysis 2, I had been skeptical of futuristic making a bet. I bought Killzone 3 earlier this year but was ultimately let down oilnne. Crysis’ nanosuit opens up a whole new dimension of play though, and I have not been disappointed. I guess the oilnne convergence for this game to pick up substantially. The diversity of skills and guns favor teamwork, and if you like playing with friends oilnne, this is the game for you. Have one guy stay in a watchtower and ping opponents in the space for the whole team to see. Make to order your education and nanosuit skills so you’ve got the right mixture or stealth, defense and aggression. Of course, you’ve also got the standard audio feed for your team, but unlike other games, the computer alerts in Crysis are really helpful and sometimes shocking I’ve never had a a game authentically swear in combat until this one. I’m not the most intense oilnne gamer, but I can see myself sorting lots of hours with Crysis 2. The best multiplayer oilnne FPS that I’ve seen to date. Maybe MW3 can top it later this year, but Crysis is setting a new bar until then. Cheers, John

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