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And so begins Gamer Limit Live. Tonight will be a night of Portal Kombat – Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat if it wasn’t already obvious. From 8-9:30pm will be Mortal Kombat and 9:30-11pm will be Portal 2.

Big thanks goes out to Sony and their failure at proper security as this Gamer Limit Live will be a completely offline gaming experience. Expect for future Gamer Limit Live events to allow for some online interaction with its viewers though. Enjoy and be sure to join us in chat after the break. Or, alternatively, watch at

Update: Well, technical difficulties in the beginning aside, Gamer Limit Live night one was a huge success. Above you can see the night’s activities and, as expected, I failed a lot at Mortal Kombat and Portal 2. Fun nonetheless. And, if the above recording isn’t enough, hit the break for part 2.

  1. avatar Concepcion

    Blader Thanks I will have to remember that next time. Cause I relaly regret not getting a 360 first so that 90% of the time I’d have no working system but hey atleast I would be getting a new one sent to me. Oh wait it wouldn’t be new and it would work for 2 weeks then break too. But now we all thought it was taken care of oops new issue has come up. F that. By the way I have all three consoles and love them all. So I’m not some fan boy bent over for the company

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