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We all only have One Single Life: unless of course, we’re talking about our favorite fantasy nether realm - the video game world. Often times we’ll run into buildings in Call of Duty without thinking, or jumping over a gap in Mario without surveying the other side first – recklessness is just one of gamer’s many idiosyncrasies. While you still have your various consequences, some games, such as Prince of Persia, go a step further, and remove the element of death entirely.

But what would happen if, after you died one time, even by mistake, the game was completely over?
One Single Life is a free version of those “endless runner” games you’ve played, well, endless amounts of, except it has one twist: once you’re dead, it’s game over entirely. The levels themselves are presented beautifully, with very unique visuals and animation. Each level will begin with an ominous billboard that states “Warning (x) %) of players will die here” – my guess is that they’re there to justify your death, by saying “well, a ton of other people died here, so it’s ok!” Either way, it’s a nice little feature that helps differentiate it from the pack.

Each level contains a jump that must be completed with pinpoint accuracy, or it’s lights out (although if you just make it you’ll be able to pull yourself up from the ledge). When you actually make the jump, the view will zoom out, and either have you cheering or gasping depending on your character’s mid-leap status: it also doesn’t help that the game dramatically presents each jump in slow-motion. If you miss the jump – well, that’s it. Your character plummets to the ground, and the game is over. I can’t stress enough how nerve racking each jump is, and how much you’ll lament failure the more you progress.

There is a secret way to get an extra life, but honestly, it doesn’t really interest me that much – my final resting place was the lowly level four, and I’m happy to leave it be. My guess is that the development team put this feature in so that they could quell the many gamers who would rate it low on iTunes, but at the asking price of “$0″, it’s hard to complain about something that’s basically the entire crux of the game.

One Single Life is the perfect embodiment of a quick iPhone game: you pick it up for free, without any guilt, experience it, and move on. While the game can’t guarantee instant spiritual enlightenment, it can guarantee a pretty fun game session.

Gamer Limit gives One Single Life an 8.5/10.
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