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We can agree to disagree about whether or not Dragon Age II is a worthy successor to Dragon Age: Origins, but I think we can all agree on the fact that free stuff is cool. Apparently Bioware is running a promotion where you can score a free copy of Mass Effect 2 on the PC.When you buy a new copy of Dragon Age II it comes with an Online Pass. That pass is what’s going to score you your free copy of Mass Effect 2. A free copy of one of the best games of 2010? Yes please.

Here’s how it works: go to the offer page on Bioware’s website. Sign in using your EA Account (which your probably already created when you played other EA games). Then enter the code. ????? Download Mass Effect 2. Profit.

If my computer could run the game, I’d definitely want to see how the game plays on PC. In my opinion, the game was fine with a controller and console UI, but some people claim that the PC is even better. So yeah. Go get your free game.

  1. avatar NICE

    It’s like getting two games for the PRICE OF ONE! I love free monies.

  2. I already have ME2 on 360 but I will be more than happy to tool around with the pc version and see how it stacks up. Heck I even have a wired 360 controller so it isn’t like it will play differently.

    Some other sites are trying to cast this in a bad light for some stupid reason. I say kudos to EA and Bioware for doing this. It strikes me as a very smart move considering ME3 will be out soon enough.

    • I don’t get how this is a bad thing? It’s not like they’re giving away a shovelware kind of game. ME2 is a great game.

      Granted lots of people probably already own it–I have it on the 360 as well, but still I think this was a good move on EA’s and Bioware’s parts.

    • People are stupid Bobby. I have even heard some so called fans of DA:O say this is bioware trying to attempt an apology for DA2 being so bad. I look at the bright side though, EA+Bioware gave me a free game and someone being dumb about it gave me a free laugh.

  3. Just got a new laptop. Your news comes at just the right moment. Thank you. Thanks EA. Thanks Bioware. Thanks thanks thanks thanks …

  4. @Robby, it’s an ASUS G73SW sans 3D. Only had it for a few days. It’s my fetish. Best thing about it is that you can upgrade easily.

    • You must have dropped a pretty penny on that bad boy. I can’t imagine it being less than $2000 or pretty dang close.

      I’ve been wanting to buy a new Asus laptop as well, but out here in Japan, the highest they go is i5, that or spend an extra $300 on shipping costs from the US.

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