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Back in September I was up in Seattle walking the PAX show floor. There were hundreds of games on display, just waiting to be played, ranging from high profile titles like Killzone 3 to smaller unknown indie games like The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.

I walked up to the booth where I was met by Ska Studio’s marketing coordinator Dustin Burg. The monochromatic visual style and fun beat ‘em up combat struck a chord with me right away. I was really enjoying it when something absolutely terrible happened. Dustin told me that it’s exclusive to the Xbox 360, sorry fellow PlayStation fans.

Our loss is your gain though, The Dishwasher Vampile Smile is landing on XBLA April 6th for a cool $10 (800 MS Points). If you’re attending PAX East I would definitely recommend stopping by the Ska Studios booth to check it out.

  1. avatar HatesFakePeople

    Get an X-box? If you really want to play it so bad and you are not just spewing fake garbage to make your article sound better then you’ll just simply buy an x-box.

    • Yes, I’ll do just that. Who needs to put food on the table when you could “simply buy an Xbox”? While I’m at it I think I’ll go for a stroll through the woods and pick some money from the trees to pay off my college loans. Yes, life will be grand.

  2. avatar HatesFakePeopleStill

    Kyle you “work” for a gaming website and I assume you are interested in prehaps pursuing this line of work in the long term and are not just simply here to fluff your ego with the number of reads you get, etc. Now I want you to think about people who work in the industry right now… Do you think perhaps they simply go “Oh well I’ll just ignore this entire side of the industry because I have x,y, and z expenses this week because I’m bad at budgetting…”? No they own the systems. Your feeble argument that you have to “put food on the table” is completely ridiculous as well since you clearly had the money to buy a PS3 which was more expensive at the time.

    My original complaint was that you detracted from your own article by making it “about you” which has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with you fufilling your narcissistic needs. Please in the future try not to write tripe about how you can’t play it so other people should because it really detracts from a otherwise well written article mmm k?

  3. avatar J TRIPLE DASH

    the writer is a right knobhead

    • avatar Henrique

      maggie, we aren’t going through cuotsms, thank god. He lost your passports!!! Oh no! (I actually will eat pretty much anything when i am bored, even a cardboard sandwich.)cagey, (i tried to leave you a comment this morning, but for some reason the word verification word was hiding.) It is all done by me, you are right. I arranged the pet sitter, stopped the paper, etc. Traveling with a young child adds another dimension of anxiety too. Ugh.gretchen, i don’t care much for being on the plane either, i feel claustrophobic because i can’t really stretch out at all, my knees are smack up against the seat in front of me. But drink service will help. :) bob, i’m not that bad! At least i don’t think so. Am i? I’m looking forward to being in DC. Lots to do there.josephine, I worry over leaving my kitties. What if they get lonely or hungry? Of course someone is coming by daily to care for them, but they are so spoiled.jen, it may or may not be silly, but there’s just not a whole lot i can do about it, other than take drugs. I sometimes wish i was a happy-go-lucky person, but it’s just not in the cards. I’ll have to settle for being a happy control freak.tink, as you can see, we both have lots of company. (I also have trouble pooping on vacation. It’s going to be a long 8 days!) Coffee pot…thanks.chani, i am not the sort of person who leaps out of bed with a song in my heart and a smile on my face. Tomorrow at 4 am it ain’t gonna be pretty.MOI, oh boy, adding the meds worry would probably send me over the top. I can just see someone trying to take over a plane with “Get back! I have a sharp needle and i know how to use it!”lisa, i usually manage to relax until we are almost home, then i can’t wait to see if my house is still standing.

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