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If you’ll be attending PAX East, be sure to check out Fire Hose Games’ Slam Bolt Scrappers. Make your way over to booth 1133 on the show floor with some friends for a fun puzzle-fighting time. While you’re there you’ll have a chance to win a free copy of the game – just make sure you’re wearing a funny hat.

Everyone else is going to have to wait until next Tuesday to pick the game up on PSN. Until then, check out this awesome new trailer.

  1. It’s like hyperactive battle Tetris. Too bad I don’t think I’d have many friends to play this with.

  2. avatar Alicia

    Hey Eitan, I’ve taken a good look tohgurh the store and tried searching on several terms like slam & bolt . No success, I’m afraid.I assumed it was an issue with the outage too, but SBS is the game I’ve been waiting for PSN to come back up for

    • avatar Alejandro

      , this is too much for me right now. We were drinking and pynilag, and after a few SBS matches switched to You Don’t Know Jack because it’s easier to be inebriated and play a quiz game. I love Slam Bolt because I’m good at video games. When I first met you guys at PAX Prime 2010 and played the game, I needed little explanation on what to do. To me it was simple: build towers, harass opponents, win. To many people, though, it’s just too much. Soft-serve game players have a tough time processing all of the madness on screen, but I love the fact that I have to take so many things into consideration at once. It’s like in crazy bullet-hell shmups when you have to get into the zone to dodge everything to stay alive.I really wish I lived in Boston to play test the game. If I visit any friends up there I’ll be sure to stop by. If not, I’ll see y’all in Seattle later this summer. You owe me a beer for making me pay for a Slam Bolt shirt. Hahaha, I keeed.

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