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Swedish publisher Pan Vision announced that their iOS title Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas: Puzzle Wars is now available for download from the App Store.

It looks like the developers took a kitchen sink approach judging by how many pop culture memes they appropriated for this game. Hit the jump for more details about PvNvZvP: Puzzle Wars. (I refuse to type out the full title again)

According to the official press release, PvNvZvP: Puzzle Wars is “a humorous action puzzle game featuring more feuds and battles between the popular Pirate, Ninja, Zombie and Panda characters.” Gameplay appears to be a similar to the match 3 style perfected by the Bejeweled series.

“In this new game, players must rearrange and match the individual characters in an 8 x 10 matrix , triggering explosions that clear the grid and rack up high scores.”

The game also takes advantage of the iPhone and iTouch’s accelerometer to enhance gameplay. Apparently if you rotate your device, gravity will rotate with it, changing the way the puzzle pieces act. Though to be perfectly honest, what really caught my attention was the game’s horrendous brilliant title. How can anything that’s trying to cash in on the popularity of pirates, ninjas, zombies, and pandas?! be bad?

PvNvZvP: Puzzle Wars costs $.99 and the iPad version is coming soon.

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