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If you’re a gamer and you haven’t heard of OC ReMix, then shame on you. It’s the best website for video game music remixes, and best of all, they’re all free.

In celebration of the upcoming release of Pokemon Black and White, on March 2, OC ReMix released  The Missingno Tracks, a fan-made tribute to the music of Pokemon.

The Missingno Tracks features 28 unique arrangements created by Gerry “The Damned” Wheatley and 24 other musicians. It’s free to download or torrent on the album’s website.

I love OC ReMix and can’t say enough good things about the site, the remixes, and the community. I’ve never been disappointed by any of their concept albums, and I highly recommend downloading The Missingno Tracks. It’s projects like these that affirm my belief that people with a passion for games (and music) are able to create amazing things.

Wheatley had this to say about the album, “Fans of the games will hear familiar tunes remade into pulse-pounding techno, piano concertos, rock ballads and chiptunes, and much more. Each track was created to delight the ears ofPokémon fans and music-enthusiasts alike.”

Download the album and spread the word!

  1. OCRemix is an awesome site to be sure, I have downloaded a number of their tracks particularly the ones from castlevania. I will be checking this release out later for sure.

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