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  1. avatar erwin aguilar

    beutiful games

  2. avatar Gladis

    Yeah, that’s true. I was just playing UC3 today, the sohoting definitely isn’t the greatest but it’s far from bad. I think it’s got a lot to do with input lag. It was ok in Killzone 2 though because you had almost infinite ammo. After looking at some comparisons, UC2 was without a doubt more responsive.VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 1 vote)

    • avatar Nawaz

      From the poor showing of the Liberals in the crrneut polls it does not logically follow that Liberals and the NDP must merge. This is a false dichotomy: either Liberals win or they have to merge with the NDP. There are many other factors not being discussed or raised, like the low turn outs, the repeated reliance on negative campaign efforts by the Liberals that have failed, playing wedge issues when trying to gain middle votes, the lack of depth in the party HQ, etc. Don’t fall into to Mr. Kinsella’s trap here. He was thrown under the boss not for supporting the idea of a merger, but for going public suggesting that merger talks were happening. The fate of the Liberal Party is not tied to Mr. Kinsella. In fact, one could argue that the efforts of promoting a merger in part prompted the crrneut lack of public confidence in the Liberal brand. If Liberals don’t support it and believe in its strength, then why should Canadians?

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