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Picture Epic Games as a senior at NCSU taking the semester off to backpack through Europe. Spain was fun, but not his style. No, he’s more into northern Europe, up where it’s colder, up where it snows.

Epic has been on a Eurotrip for quite some time, and we finally received a postcard from his stop at Poland. “Wish you were here,” Epic scribbles on the back of a picture of him and his good friend Dicktits (the loving nickname he gave his pal People Can Fly), having fun next to a monumental sized plant monster. And this is great, because vicariously through Epic and People Can Fly, we enjoy Poland.

“Next stop, Sweden,” Epic says. He has to see about a Coffee Stain, and such an epic Coffee Stain it is.

The next company to partner with Epic Games is Coffee Stain Studios, a Swedish game studios known for a lovable iPhone app called I Love Strawberries. They’re also known for raking in several awards from the ‘$1 Million Make Something Unreal’ contest with their latest title, Sanctum, which is by far not a saccharine app.

Announced Wednesday, Coffee Stain will license the Unreal Engine 3 for Sanctum and future games in their library. Just like the video says, the aforementioned title is a FPS Tower Defense game, and it looks sweet. Players get a fresh new take on the tower defense genre, thanks to the point of view change from top-down, to eyes on the ground. Couple that with multiplayer and insane customizations, and you’ve got the makings of a hit.

Tickle your fancy? Feel good knowing you can hop on the beta April 15. Even better, starting Thursday you can pre-order with 10% knocked off the official price of $14.99. You want more? You can download the demo here.

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    CREATE A MAZE OF DEATH!!!!! So, yes, I’m getting this.

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