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The last news mash-up came like a real bad hangover right after new years. This one is somewhat of a hangover, if you’re the type to drink on a Wednesday (on which I pass no judgment; I’ve been there). Let’s begin, shall we?

Level One: Wake Up And It’s Terrible

Something close to  a hurling feeling you may feel when you find out that Capcom has canceled Mega Man Universe. That means no fan-made levels, no wacky original U.S. boxart costume, no Ryu of Street Fighter fame. The company is rather vague about the issue, only citing the title has been cut due to “various circumstances”.

This is truly disappointing news to wake up to. More disappointing than the news that Square Enix had canceled Gun Loco earlier this month. Here’s hoping that these cancellations don’t start an axing trend (Guitar Hero pun not intended).

Level Two:The Sun Can’t Hide The Legal Notice On Your Door

Now, add legal woes to this hangover cocktail. Bad blood had been stirring between Ubisoft and THQ ever since last year when Patrice Désilets, Ubisoft’s former creative director, suddenly packed up  and headed over to THQ’s new Montreal studios. The French site, Rue Frontenac, broke a story close to industrial espionage when it revealed that THQ had swooped up several other Ubisoft leads soon after, all from the same Assassin’s Creed team.  THQ’s Danny Bilson then bragged about it to Joystiq in January.

In short order, Ubisoft filed for two injunctions with the Superior Court of Québec, later confirmed by Gameinformer. In legalese, an injunction is a court order for an individual/company to do or stop doing a specified thing. The injunction is meant to stop the Ubisoft manager poaching in THQ’s case.  So reads the Ubisoft’s official statement:

Ubisoft has filed a request before the Superior Court of Québec for injunction orders against THQ Inc. in order to have them comply with the non-solicit clause included in Ubisoft Montreal’s employee work contracts. The Superior Court of Québec has granted the injunctions to the satisfaction of Ubisoft. This procedure aims to protect Ubisoft Montreal in a breach of contract situation, and to defend the long-term financial and creative health of the studio.

Level Three: A Little Water In This Drought

Maybe all you need is a shot to quell the pain. A nutshot. That’s what you get when you watch the latest Saints Row: The Third trailer. In fact, that’s all you get, preceeded and followed by a lengthy disclaimer and the standard company logos.

Twitter was lit ablaze with anticipation of this trailer and, once it finally reared its head, you only get a split second of in-game footage. Call it a prank. Call it hype. I laughed when I saw it. However, that made my headache hurt even more.

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    I’m starting to like these mash-ups. Short, sweet tidbits then I’m off …

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