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Avatar ImageMadden 12 Locked Out?
By: | March 6th, 2011
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Are you afraid that there might not be a Madden NFL 12 this year? With all the pandemonium going on right now regarding labor negotiations between the NFL and NFL Player’s Association, it appears that many Madden fans are indeed pretty frightened about a lockout affecting the next installment of their yearly fix of football. Luckily, EA is here to assure us that all will fine on our 360s and PlayStations - regardless of what happens in real life.

“Fans of Madden NFL will not have their seasons interrupted regardless of when the labor issues are resolved. EA SPORTS will release Madden NFL 12 in August, complete with exciting new features and product innovation that will allow NFL fans to fill their desire for football. NFL players will continue to be featured, as always, in Madden NFL 12. The only credible source you need is right here. Any other information you get is inaccurate.”

Personally, I wouldn’t mind too much if EA eased up on the yearly sports sequels (and what better time to do so than a lockout season), but it appears as though I’m in the minority on this one. Oh well, don’t mind me while I sit here and pull out my GameCube for some NFL Blitz 20-02.

[Via GoNintendo]

  1. Meh. Madden.

    Sorry that wasn’t more insightful or eloquent.

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    This is looking to be a good year for proper video games

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