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You wouldn’t really know it from playing the games, but the folks over at Guerrilla Games have put a great deal of work into crafting the universe of the Killzone series. If you’ve ever been interested enough to dig into the history of the Extrasolar Wars, the series has a rather compelling and impressive backstory that, unfortunately, really hasn’t found its way into the games yet.

Continuing this tradition is an official live action short from Guerrilla Games. The film deals with a series of correspondence between two friends, one on Vekta and the other in exile on Helghan. The short takes place during the events leading up to the dawn of the Killzone series and the Extrasolar Wars. It’s actually quite interesting and once again raises a few questions regarding the series overarching narrative.

Hit the jump for the video.

I really do appreciate the universe Guerrilla has created. However, continuing to tease fans, painting the Helghast in a the role of a sympathetic and reluctant villain in the expanded fiction, whilst spooning out a bunch of archetypal bunk in the games is really getting old. Command & Conquer quality acting aside, this video let’s everyone know that Guerrilla actually has the potential to deliver a really interesting story arc for the Killzone series, but for whatever reason has decided against it.

Maybe one of these days Guerrilla will actually utilize the Killzone series’ expanded narrative in the games themselves, rather than squandering it on some gung-ho blockbuster script. A shooter with something more to offer than fantastic multiplayer, wouldn’t that be something?

[Via the PlayStation Blog]

  1. I mean the video was a good idea, but like you said (and I’ve said) why couldn’t they include these kinds of things in the game narrative?

    Also the acting in the video was pretty bad. Why did they have American accents when the Helghast all sound British in the game?

    • Even with the cheesy acting, this short does more for the series’ narrative depth than all of the whole of Killzone 3′s story. You wouldn’t know it from playing the games but the Vektans are the bad guys, rather than white knights crusading for justice in the galaxy.

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